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Berlin's Underworlds

Exploring Berlin from below

In the course of its development, Berlin has set many buildings in the March sand on which it was founded. Using striking buildings in Berlin's city centre as examples, we show you how - and above all why - a major city goes underground.

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© Berliner Unterwelten e.V. / Holger Happel

Dark worlds

Hundreds of people walk past a green door in the underground station every day without suspecting that extensive, authentic and historically significant rooms are hidden behind it.

During the Second World War, countless bunkers were built in Berlin, but rooms in the U-Bahn area were also converted for air-raid protection purposes.

Even today, you can still feel down there how unpleasant it must once have been to be crammed into the narrow rooms, with the whirring of ventilation systems and the roar of bombers in the sky in the background.

Today, exhibitions focus on the topics of bombing and air-raid protection. Among other things, various remnants of the Second World War are on display.

Bunkers, Subways, Cold War

Go underground on traces of the Cold War. In preparation for a possible nuclear conflict, bunkers for civil defence were reactivated in the western part of Berlin and new shelters were built. Get an insight into how a "modern" protection facility works.

A so-called multi-purpose facility built in 1977 would have provided shelter for around 3,400 people for several weeks in the event of an "emergency". This makes it the fourth largest civil defence facility in Berlin, which is still fully equipped and functional and even has an underground waterworks to ensure the supply of drinking water.

The tour vividly demonstrates the horrors and impact of a possible nuclear war.

© Berliner Unterwelten e.V. / Holger Happel

© Berliner Unterwelten e.V. / Holger Happel

The Fichtebunker Time Capsule

Or explore the last gasometer preserved with masonry cladding, which houses the largest surviving World War II bunker in Berlin.

Built in 1883/1884, the gas tank was used by the Municipal Gasworks primarily to supply the streetlights. It was decommissioned in 1937. In 1940/41, a bunker for 6,500 people was built inside the old gasometer. In February 1945, during the Allied air raid on Berlin, 30,000 people found refuge.

The Gasometer has a floor space of about 10,000 square metres. There are 120 cabins on each of the 6 floors. There are 800 rooms in total. In the post-war period, it served mainly as a refugee camp, an Allied remand prison, later as an asylum for the homeless and, from the 1963s until 1988, for the storage of Senate reserves, as they were during the Cold War. The dark history of the building comes alive again on an exciting journey through time.

Underground of Tempelhof Airport

How about a two-hour time travel through Berlin's eventful history on a guided tour of Europe's largest architectural monument?

If the 300,000 square metre airport building could talk, it would have a lot to tell!

Questions are finally answered, such as: How many underground floors are there really? Does even the airfield have a basement? Do kilometre-long tunnels really lead into Berlin's city centre?

© Berliner Unterwelten e.V. / Holger Happel

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