The scavenger hunt for Berlin visitors & "real Berliners".

You will experience a city rally of a special kind! Ideal for incentives like teambuilding, company outing or corporate event.

Hello Silvia,

Yes, we arrived home safely thanks and let the day wash over nicely us as we travelled home in the train. And on the trip home the last things also got a chance to dry out. 😉

As regards the city tour it doesn’t seem that much more has to be said, except this: whoever is able to take 20 people that have woken up early on a rainy sightseeing tour through the Government District and across Potsdamer Platz, then for three more hours through continuous rain, and then receive the teams at the end, who were totally soaked through but enthused, with a great meal… this person must have organized a really excellent City Tour!! We would like to say a big thank you for this great day!

With warms regards from Schwerin, Potsdam, Berlin and Elmshorn

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