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Berlin Wall

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On a multifaceted across town puzzle tour, playfully discover & experience the historical attractions on offer, and learn about the essential background behind Berlin’s many surprising peculiarities.

Team spirit, thinking and looking “out of the box”, creativity, subtlety, are the keys to solving sophisticated puzzles and tasks, and fulfilling interactive missions.

Start & Goal & Time

We start the Berlin Wall Rallye either at the Oberbaumbrücke, at Checkpoint Charlie, near U Heinrich-Heine-Straße or in the park at the TV Tower. At the starting point, the group will be welcomed and familiarised with the rules of the game.

For the team-up we need about 15 minutes. The Rally takes place on foot and with the inclusion of public transport and lasts three hours. If desired, the Berlin Wall Rallye can also be completed on bicycles.

The route leads mostly along the former Berlin Wall and ends at a location of your choice in Berlin-Mitte/Kreuzberg (depending on the starting point). The evaluation and award ceremony will take place there, for which you should allow approx. 45 minutes.

In search for traces

The Berlin Wall was the symbol of the Cold War and the division of Berlin. Today, there is little left of Berlin's most famous structure. Over the past 20 years, the Berlin Wall has disappeared piece by piece from the cityscape. Although the memory and interest in it remain alive, today only double rows of cobblestones set into the street remind us of the former course of the Berlin Wall. Where exactly did the wall run, then Where are there still remains of the Wall in the city? Do any preserved watchtowers still exist? How was life for the inhabitants of a divided city? How did life change after the fall of the Wall?


The Concept

After the welcome and a short briefing about the rules of the game, the group will be divided into teams. Then the puzzle adventure can begin! Equipped with a tour booklet full of tricky questions and tasks to complete and a city map, the aim is to puzzle your way from station to station through the once divided Berlin.

The teams set out on spectacular escape adventures and incredible East and West stories. Thus the participants experience in a playfully active way all kinds of interesting and curious facts about the former Berlin Wall and discover what remains of it.

After three exciting hours across the reunited city, the teams are expected at the secret destination, where the Rally evaluation and prize-giving ceremony, including the awarding of first prize and participation certificates, will take place.

Language: German

The Conditions

We offer the Berlin Wall Rallye to groups of at least 6 people.

Basic Rallye 20.00 € per person
Rallye utensils including winner's certificates & 1st prize

Basic Rallye plus  25.00 € per person
Like Basic Rallye + prosecco reception/mulled wine reception

Prices plus personnel costs (depending on service & no. of persons) and plus VAT. Tickets for public transport and/or other vehicles are not included.

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