The scavenger hunt for Berlin visitors & "real Berliners".

You will experience a city rally of a special kind! Ideal for incentives like teambuilding, company outing or corporate event.

The Rallies
Everyone is unique

Embark on an alternative sightseeing tour through Berlin - an adventurous city Rally that combines history, art and culture, architecture, motion and culinary in a playful way. Design your tour according to your ideas, while we will be happy to advise you. Contact us and get involved in an unforgettable experience!

Discover our different Rally options at attractive prices. Choose between our Berlin or Potsdam Rally Classic, a Kiez Rally Berlin or another Rally concept that suits you. For tailor made experiences like the Berlin Rallye Customized or our Special Tours contact us for individual offers. Fun and games are guaranteed!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our city Rallies. Experience the diversity of this unique city and create unforgettable memories. Contact us today and let us take you into the exciting and enjoyable world of Rallies!

Berlin Rallye Classic

Two-and-a-half-hour scavenger hunt "on foot" through the varied historical centre of Berlin. You will puzzle along the Museum Island and explore various backyards, the gallery district and the Jewish Quarter.

Kiez-Rallye Berlin

Neighbourhood by neighbourhood, the teams experience how the past mixes with the modern and witness again and again how every house, every street whispers an exciting story. Each "Kiez" is unique and worth discovering.

Potsdam Rallye

During the three-hour walking puzzle tour through the city of palaces and gardens, teams will explore part of Sanssouci Park, Hegelallee, the city centre with the Dutch Quarter, the Neuer Markt, Breite Straße and more.

Open Rallye

The treasure hunt for private persons, for which you can also buy vouchers! The Open Rallye takes individuals, couples and small groups on a discovery tour of Berlin-Mitte. You will also meet interesting people from near and far.

Berlin Rallye Customized

The historic centre of Berlin, across East & West or Kiez-tours? On foot, by pedal or other vehicles... Short or extensive... Theme-based or with additional play stations. Games of skills, creative games, agent games. Much is possible!

Berlin Wall Rallye

The former course of the Wall is marked with a double row of cobble stones and metal plaques reading “Berliner Mauer” Where exactly did the Wall run? Where are the remains of the Wall in the city? Are there any remaining watchtowers?

Agents Rallye

On this minimum three-hour Rally, various targets are approached, contact persons identified, clues deciphered and codes cracked. The teams set out the trail of mysterious traces.

Schinkel Rallye

In three hours you can explore Schinkel's ways and deeds on foot! This scavenger hunt leads from the Berlin Cathedral to Bebelplatz, Gendarmenmarkt, Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten and finally Potsdamer Platz.

Queer through Berlin! Rallye

The three-hour walking puzzle tour through Schöneberg's Regenbogen-Kiez (rainbow-Kiez) leads to various traditional queer hotspots and legendary institutions. The community shows itself from its multifaceted side.

Marlene Dietrich & The Golden 20s

With the "Golden Twenties", Berlin became a metropolis of pleasure.          "Die Dietrich" was one of the most mysterious personalities of this time. The magic of her person and the 1920s is still present in many places.

City Bustle & Water Idyll Rallye

Lively city bustles & chilled-out idyll on the water - that's Berlin! This is the unique combination that gives Berlin much of its fascination. This Rally lets you experience everything in one go.

Winter Magic Rallye

Equipped with mulled wine and pretzels, warm blankets and torches, we go on an adventurous carriage ride through Christmas-lit Berlin at the end of the year.

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