The scavenger hunt for Berlin visitors & "real Berliners".

You will experience a city rally of a special kind! Ideal for incentives like teambuilding, company outing or corporate event.

Berlin Rallye
City hunt for adults

Get all the angles on Berlin

Experience sophisticated city tours and scavenger hunts, lovingly conceived down to the last detail. Discover Berlin with all its multifarious facts of culture, architecture and history in a playful and active way. Delve into the city’s multicultural pleasures.

Come and join in the great Berlin Sightseeing game!

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Explore the capital

Berlin Rallye offers a suitable opportunity for every taste to explore Germany's largest city with over 3.7 million inhabitants. Get all the angles on Berlin and learn new things in the process!

Discovering Berlin playfully

Berlin Rallye offers a sophisticated and amusing alternative to classic sightseeing: On our left you will see... on your right... Ideal for those who don´t like beeing spoon-fed and prefer to get out and discover it themselves!


Berlin Rallye offers an invigorating communicative team experience for mind, body and soul during which you will get closer to discovering Berlin and each other in a playful way! Puzzle, poetize, tally facts and think and look out of the box together!

19 Years Berlin Rallye

The idea that is the Berlin rallye was born 19 years ago. Berlin Rallye celebrates 19 year anniversary!

Celebrate with us!

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